Purchasing Houses

Fabulous 4 corp is currently looking for houses to repurpose/rehab. If you are interested in selling your property, please provide us the chance to buy. Fabulous 4 contact information is listed above.

Fabulous 4 approach to our business

Our approach is simple, we buy houses that have the potential of becoming homes again. We inspect individual homes to determine the maintenance, renovations and rehabilitation that is common to each, and then add those features that are unique to the individual dwellings, creating an inviting personal atmosphere for each home. These houses will continue to sit unoccupied until potential buyers see them as their future home. We treat each house as if it were to be our home and some have been. We live in the area where we select these houses. We invest what will bring the house into code compliance and ensure that a certificate of occupancy can be obtained and then we take the further step of creating the environment within the house that will make it a comfortable living space.

Most recent Repurposed/rehab houses by Fab 4 corp